Arizona Perfect Dental

Client: Arizona Perfect Dental
Industry: Dental Care
Location: Arizona, United States

Company Overview:
Arizona Perfect Dental is a leading dental service provider in Arizona, known for offering comprehensive dental care services under one roof. Their services range from cosmetic dentistry to emergency dental care, orthodontic care, periodontal care, and pediatric dentistry. With a commitment to providing high-quality dental care, Arizona Perfect Dental has built a reputation as a trusted dental service provider in the region.

Client Challenge:
Arizona Perfect Dental recognized the need to enhance their customer engagement strategies to better connect with their patients and provide personalized experiences. They wanted to leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud to streamline their customer engagement processes and improve their marketing campaigns. However, they faced challenges in setting up and optimizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to suit their specific requirements. They sought the expertise of Hexlit, a trusted Salesforce implementation partner, to help them overcome these challenges.

Solution by Hexlit:
Hexlit collaborated closely with Arizona Perfect Dental to understand their unique needs and requirements. They conducted a thorough assessment of Arizona Perfect Dental’s existing Salesforce instance and identified areas that needed improvement to streamline customer engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Based on the assessment, Hexlit implemented the following solutions:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Setup: Hexlit configured Salesforce Marketing Cloud to align with Arizona Perfect Dental’s customer engagement goals. They set up custom data extensions, subscriber lists, and email templates to support targeted marketing campaigns.

Email Automation: Hexlit created automated email journeys using Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder. They designed personalized email workflows that included welcome emails, appointment reminders, follow-up emails, and promotional campaigns to engage with patients at various touchpoints in their dental care journey.

Segmentation and Personalization: Hexlit implemented segmentation and personalization strategies to ensure that patients receive relevant and tailored content based on their interests, preferences, and dental care needs. They utilized Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s segmentation and dynamic content features to create highly personalized email campaigns.

Data Integration: Hexlit integrated Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Arizona Perfect Dental’s existing Salesforce instance to enable seamless data synchronization between the two systems. This allowed for a unified view of patient data, including appointment history, preferences, and other relevant information, which in turn helped in creating personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

The implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud by Hexlit brought about significant improvements in Arizona Perfect Dental’s customer engagement processes. The key results achieved were:

Enhanced Customer Engagement: With personalized email campaigns, automated workflows, and targeted marketing campaigns, Arizona Perfect Dental was able to better engage with their patients, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined Marketing Campaigns: The implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud allowed Arizona Perfect Dental to automate their marketing campaigns, saving time and effort in manual processes, while also improving the effectiveness of their campaigns through segmentation and personalization.

Improved Patient Experience: By leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Arizona Perfect Dental was able to deliver highly relevant and timely content to patients, resulting in a better patient experience and improved patient retention.

Enhanced Data Management: The integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the existing Salesforce instance improved data management, allowing for a unified view of patient data and enabling personalized marketing campaigns based on patient history, preferences, and interests.

The partnership between Hexlit and Arizona Perfect Dental resulted in streamlined customer engagement processes through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Arizona Perfect Dental was able to deliver personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, automate their workflows, and improve patient experience, resulting in increased patient satisfaction, loyalty, and improved marketing campaign effectiveness. Hexlit’s expertise in Salesforce implementation played a crucial role in helping Arizona Perfect Dental achieve their customer engagement goals and enhance their overall marketing strategies.

Future Outlook:
With the successful implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Arizona Perfect Dental is now well-positioned to further enhance their customer engagement strategies and achieve their business goals. They plan to continue leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud to optimize their email campaigns, segment their audience for more targeted communications, and leverage data-driven insights to further personalize their marketing efforts. They also plan to explore other features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, such as social media marketing and mobile messaging, to further expand their customer engagement channels and provide a seamless omnichannel experience to their patients.

Testimonial from Domonick Lazus, Director of Arizona Perfect Dental:
“We are thrilled with the results of our partnership with Hexlit in implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The streamlined customer engagement processes have helped us deliver personalized and relevant content to our patients, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and loyalty. Hexlit’s expertise in Salesforce implementation has been invaluable in optimizing our marketing campaigns and improving our overall patient experience. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Hexlit to further enhance our customer engagement strategies.”


Posted on

May 16, 2023